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Our Mission

The mission of NDISP is to ensure SDA tenants are provided with the freedom to choose from a range of high quality, highly desirable properties.

We believe that having a home that is both functional and appealing is a fundamental key to long term mental health, general happiness and participation in the community.

All people with disability and complex care needs should have the opportunity to live in high quality, highly desirable housing that enables them to live as independently as possible.

To this end NDISP aims to create, sell and manage accessible housing that exceeds the expectations of the tenants in design, livability and location.

About Us
We are on a mission to help people get out of inappropriate accommodation and into places that they are happy to call home. All too often we meet people stuck in places they shouldn’t be. The way that these people are living is not within our definition of suitable. Our team is driven by their obsession to get as many people out of these unsuitable living arrangements and into awesome homes that can be life changing. Our team members work day and night because we know that every extra house or unit gets more people into places they love.

Our Team

NDISP – Making accessible property desirable!

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