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Individual Investors

An Ethical Long Term Investment

Investing in SDA helps get people out of inappropriate accommodation and into a place they are happy to call home.

NDISP welcomes ethical investors who would like to join our mission.


It’s for a Great Purpose.  Help NDISP get as many people into awesome places they are happy to call home.

Long Term

We have 20 year leases on your property.  This is a long term stable investment.

Hands Off

Due to the regulatory nature of this investment you are unable to visit or inspect the property. NDISP looks after all aspects of the property.


The returns make this an attractive investment. But if you are just about the return then it is likely that NDISP are not a great match for you. Our participants come first, always.

Investment Minimum

An investor needs around $700,000 minimum to invest in SDA, with some of our designs being up to $3m. There are also various managed and investment funds we work with where you can invest much smaller amounts of money.