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Do you own an SDA compliant property or would you like to but it all sounds too hard? The truth is it is hard to stay compliant with the NDIA’s changing rules but we have inhouse legal experts who just love this stuff! So let us manage your property and we will handle all the compliance, auditing and reporting for you. We also take care of the regular property manager roles such as inspections, accepting rental payments and reporting to you, the landlord.

NDISP is a SDA registered provider and licensed Real Estate Agency.

SDA properties require traditional property managers AND an approved housing provider who can fulfil all the compliance requirements. NDISP can manage all of this for you at very competitive rates.

NDISP also works with existing providers who only want someone to handle all the day to day hassles of property management. You have your compliance systems in place so let us handle the rest. Unlike most property managers, we are a specialist disability housing provider so we understand your property management needs and the specialist requirements of your clients. 

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