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Medium Term Accommodation


Medium Term Accommodation

NDISP offers Medium Term Accommodation in a select number of our SDA properties

Medium Term Accommodation Kitchen

Medium Term Accommodation

Medium Term Accommodation is likely to be approved if the person is:

  • waiting for a new build SDA to be ready, and they have an offer for this SDA or
  • in hospital and is therefore in the exceptional circumstance of being at risk of contracting COVID-19 and is being forced to leave hospital (to free up beds for others who are medically unwell) and without a long term housing option at this time


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Medium Term Accommodation

Accessibility and Independence

Enter and leave without assistance. 

All NDISP smart homes have doors with automatic openers that can be controlled via any combination of 

  • Key
  • Pin Code
  • Phone or Tablet
  • RFID Tag on Power-Chair
  • Voice
  • Highly Secured Combinaton GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi and RFID

Our homes come with attractive concealed ceiling rails pre-installed to take you from bed to bathroom.

All bedrooms are generously oversized to allow for the extra equipment many disabled people need to use a daily basis. Bedrooms in houses also include space for limited food preparation facilities. 

Bathrooms exceed the standards set in the LHA Platinum certification.

Emergency call via voice or button activation.

Every bedroom has its own fully accessible bathroom! No sharing required! 

We always have:

  • 1200 doors
  • 1500 hallways
  • no ramps or adaptations – we only have purpose built houses
Medium Term Accommodation

Applications are Quick – Move in within Days!

Medium Term Accommodation is approved very quickly and you can usually move in within days.


Medium Term Accommodation
Medium Term Accommodation
Medium Term Accommodation

NDISP is your SDA Property Expert!

NDISP is a fully registered NDIS SDA Housing Provider and a registered Real Estate Agency.

Medium Term Accommodation

Cost of Medium Term Accommodation

Medium Term Accommodation costs are covered by the NDIS in your plan.  There may be additional costs should you require furniture hire for your room etc.

Medium Term Accommodation

On-site Overnight Accommodation

Help when you need it. Privacy when you don’t. 

All NDISP homes have On-site Overnight Accommodation (OOA) that allows for 24hr care services. In our Unit blocks there is a dedicated unit which is only used for OOA. This unit has communication links to all the Units to ensure help is available when needed.  Our houses contain a dedicated private unit within the house.

NDISP provides the space for the OOA and the care services are provided through your NDIS registered care provider. 

You Choose Your Support Workers

Medium Term Accommodation allows you to use your own support workers. So you can bring your own or we can help introduce you to some awesome ones.

Medium Term Accommodation