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Information for Participants


Platinum Plus Inclusions

All NDSIP properties are built to exceed the LHA Platinum Build Standard. 

For Participants

Smart Home Automations

Independence and Freedom to Control your environment Your way!

Gone are the days of waiting in frustration for a carer to make simple changes to the home environment. All NDISP homes offer full independence and freedom to control your home. Lights, fans, TV, blinds, doors and more are only a touch, voice control or pre-set automation away. 

Upon waking you just need to say the word or touch a button to have lights, fans, air conditioning and blinds all automatically adjust to your preferred settings. The same at night, no need to think about closing blinds, locking doors or turning off all the lights … simply make the command and let our smart home look after everything for you.

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Enter and leave without assistance. 

All NDISP smart homes have doors with automatic openers that can be controlled via any combination of 

  • Key
  • Pin Code
  • Phone or Tablet
  • RFID Tag on Power-Chair
  • Voice
  • Highly Secured Combinaton GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi and RFID
For Participants
For Participants

Accessibility and Independence as a Standard!

Our homes come with attractive concealed ceiling rails pre-installed to take you from bed to bathroom.

All bedrooms are generously oversized to allow for the extra equipment many disabled people need to use a daily basis. Bedrooms in houses also include space for limited food preparation facilities. 

Bathrooms typically exceed the standards set in the LHA Platinum certification.

Emergency call via voice or button activation.

Every bedroom has its own fully accessible bathroom! No sharing required! 

For Participants
For Participants
For Participants

NDISP is your SDA Property Expert!

NDISP is a fully registered NDIS SDA Housing Provider and a registered Real Estate Agency.

For Participants

Solar and Battery Backup

A 5kw solar system with a large battery ensure that you will never be without essential power, day or night. Additionally, your power bills will be kept as low as possible. We all have better things to spend our money on than paying bills!

NDISP is proud to support the Net Zero Homes movement. If you haven’t heard about Net Zero, it is the concept of a home that generates as much energy as it uses. 

In the short 10min video below Josh Byrne from “Josh’s House” explains what Net Zero is all about. 

On-site Overnight Accommodation

Help when you need it. Privacy when you don’t. 

All NDISP homes have On-site Overnight Accommodation (OOA) that allows for 24hr care services. In our Unit blocks there is a dedicated unit which is only used for OOA. This unit has communication links to all the Units to ensure help is available when needed.  Our houses contain a dedicated private unit within the house.

NDISP provides the space for the OOA and the care services are provided through your NDIS registered care provider. 

For Participants

I want to live here! Where do I start?

SDA - Classification

All NDISP homes are registered with the NDIA. There are 4 levels of SDA registration that match to the level of SDA that can be approved in your NDIS Plan.

  • High Physical Support
  • Robust Care
  • Fully Accessible
  • Independent Living

SDA Eligibility

To apply for this property you will need to have SDA already approved in your plan or be in the process of applying for SDA.

You must be 18 years old or over. 

SDA payments are very generous and in return the NDIA requires that you make a Reasonable Rent Contribution. This is set at 25% of your Disability Support Pension plus your Commonwealth Rent Assistance.

Certain homes will require you to have a particular level SDA approved in your plan. 


The SIL for this property will be advised on application. If you are a SIL and require places that would fill the entire property or all units in a complex please contact us. 

I'm new to all this!

Below is a video that explains how your NDIS pathway works.

1. Fill in an Expression of Interest Form

At NDISP we are working very hard to keep up with demand. By entering your EOI Form it helps us ensure we get the right home for you as fast as possible.

4 NDISP will Contact you

When a home that meets your criteria becomes available NDISP or your SIL Provider will contact you with an offer.

2. Talk to your Support Coordinator, LAC or intermediary.

Many people are eligible for SDA payments and are not aware. Just because you haven’t had this in your plan previously doesn’t necessarily mean you are not eligible. We encourage everyone to apply.

5. Agreements

A very simple rental tenacy agreement is all that is required to secure your new lease. NDISP will claim the SDA payments directly from the NDIA and your Reasonable Rental Contribution of 25% of DSS payments directly from CenterLink. 

3. Talk to your friends

If you can share with a friend you already know that is the ideal situation. Always let us know if you are applying with a friend.


6 Move in!!

NDISP will work with you, your informal supports and care providers to ensure your move in smooth and care free. 

After moving in NDISP will continue to support you as the property manager. 

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