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NDISP Video Collection

This page is a collection of videos, eventually they will be mostly by us, sometimes by others.  It’s an easy place to access any videos we make or embed in other pages as well as relevant videos.  Our property video collection will be placed here as we make them also.

NDISP’s  SDA Property

What should a High Physical Support house look like? We think it should look just like home.


NDISP’s  SDA Construction Updates


NDISP Informative Videos

Little Things in NDISP Homes that Make Your Life Easier

Investing in SDA Property through NDISP provides Great Returns Helping Great People

Carers Love NDISP Properties

Supported Independent Living Provider and NDISP

Welcome to the NDISP Team


NDIS Videos

These are all copyright of the NDIS and we are merely linking to those hosted at the NDIS Youtube Channel.

What is the NDIS?

Your NDIS Plan

Ways to Manage Your Funding

Capital Support Budget Items (inc SDA)

NDIS Stories

Andrew Find’s a Place of His Own

Liz’s Specialist Disability Accommodation Story

Finding a Place to Call Home

Plan Partners Videos

These videos are all linked from plan partners youtube page.

Jaydon’s Story

What is NDIS Plan Management


What is NDIS Support Coordination


Summer Foundation Videos

These videos are all linked from the Summer Foundation’s youtube page.

Ben’s Journey to Independence


Carol & Kevin support Kirby through her SDA  Journey

Get Building SDA – Understanding the Demand


Kirby’s SDA Journey to her new home


Penny’s Story


Voices the Aged Care Royal Commission needs to hear

More Voices the Aged Care Royal Commission need to hear


These videos are all linked from Youngcare’s youtube page.

Brian’s life – Before Youngcare

Brian’s Life – After Youngcare


Brick by Brick Campaign – Supporters

Jason’s Story


John’s Story





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